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Challenge #03841-J189: A Lesson in Better Behaviour

One slip of the wrong kind of drink, and those pirates will be on the toilet for hours. While they do that, let's tow this disabled boat to the authorities! -- Anon Guest

"Did you like my alcohol?" said Trader Shan, twiddling with his own fingers. "You got everything from the crate marked Special Reserve, VIP's Only right?"

"First thing," said the guard. "We had a good old booze-up on your elite overlords' expense."

"Such a pity. Nice knowing you all," said Shan. "Reckon you've got like a couple of hours before the symptoms kick in."

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Challenge #03449-I161: What a Mix-up!

A person who recently joined Pax Humanis is a chemistry expert, a poisoner. But also uses their chemistry knowledge, and their lab, to make antidotes for poisons. A great combo to save a life of someone who was poisoned, while still taking out a target who was found to be a slave-trader trying to kidnap Alliance Citizens. -- Anon Guest

A common mistake in the Edge Territories is thinking that the Diminished Responsibility bracelets and anklets are there strictly to tell people

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So I Might Have Poisoned Some People...

Not on the scale of ratsak for sugar. No. It was round-up. On weeds.

How can that poison people, you ask.

These were weeds on the fence that we’re fixing up so the dog can’t get through. Hubby told me to go spritz the weeds along the fence line, so I did. Fast forward a few minutes and Hubby and Brother-in-law have now decided to go whipper-snip the back fence and pull all the weeds out.

The last

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