Divine Intervention

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Challenge #03679-J026: A Gift and a Price

A goddess offers Wraithvine's apprentice mage the ability to resurrect the newly dead. But the price is that their magic, and most of their stamina, is wiped out for the next 24 hours. -- The New Guy

Of offers from the gods is meant to come in crumbling temples. In deserts, where the Divine can find a mind crying out to the stars. In working with Wraithvine, and walking with Wraithvine, he had seen and heard many things.

He never expected to get an offer from the gods in a fallow field.

Mastorava was a glowing shape in the night, appearing as a curvaceous woman made of starlight and swirling chaff. The mother of crops, the queen of the harvest, the guardian of the fallow field. Larger than any woman that Strodius had ever seen. "You seek to change your fate. You seek to alter fate," she said. "You fight against a corruption in this world, and do not fight against the natural order, in that, you have our favour."

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Challenge #03206-H297: The One That Matters

An aged, wizened man. He wishes he could follow his wife, and his kids, and his grandkids into the great beyond. But, when he was young, and on guard duty, he had fallen asleep at his post, failing to raise the alarm when invaders got inside, and a thousand within the city perished as a result. Now, his gods won't let him die, until he has saved one thousand lives. One life for each that had been lost. Marking his arms and

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