Challenge #01143-C046: Can it, Carol!

"Hmph. I'll have you know, that whole thing is just a horrid example of misinformation."

"You're basically a two-meter-tall mantis from our perspective. Humans assuming you devoured your mate was kinda to be expected... namely since, uh, you did."

"Well, yes... but not before he was dead! We do have laws, you know. Such is our way for those who are gone. Your kind just throws them in a dirty hole to rot or burns them to ash. How wasteful." -- Gallifreya

"Don't forget preserving them to the point of inedibility," added Carol. "We do that one, too."

The rest of the crew glared at her.

"What? Can't I be interested in mummification?"

"You're not," said the Captain, "helping."

"It can't really be called Cogniphagia, anyway," added Carol, completely missing the hint hurled her way. "If anything, it's unorthadox disposal of the dead, and since it's V'rixx's customs, we really shouldn't judge."

"Carol?" singsonged Captain Alex.


"Do you remember me telling you that there are times when you should just can it?"

"Oh. Drat. Did I do it again?"

The rest of the entire crew nodded. Even V'rixx, who was still learning about humans.

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