Home Again, Huzzah

By my calculations, if I do an Instant today, I should have kept up with the ebb and flow of days quite well. Then I can focus on doing enough doubles to catch up on the overlap so my Years of Instants can be more or less in sync.

After an animated discussion with Beloved, raising money against leukemia isn't quite what it was cracked up to be. I shall have to figure out some other way to be helpful whilst also using Bitzer to do it.

Maybe the Powers will supply some hints in that area. I hope they do, because I'm pretty much lost.

I trust in providence.

I have 3K to catch up on. Or 3K to skip, belike, because this week has been more than a little chockers and my poor little brain needs some time off.

Having one week off isn't all that terrible. Is it?

I mean... I just spent technically two days flying from one nation to another. I think a break is in order. But I know me. I'll turn around tomorrow and rush into catching up with that 3K or bust my wrists trying.

I'm in a pretty 'eh' mood after such a high, such an ordeal [worrying about the luggage took a few years off me], and such a verbal haranguing from Beloved [you need to be a little more constructive, darling] I'm fairly well washed out.

Tomorrow, I'll do that double I've been leaving off on. Tomorrow, I should have enough brains to come at it. Tomorrow, most importantly, I'll have had time to unbugger my main compy which was NOT shut down for a week and left to stew.

And tomorrow... I might even have half a hint as to what I'm doing with myself.

I trust in providence.