Figuring things out

After some consideration, I have decided that my time and effort is best spent using my admittedly limited skills to help other folks by making things.

I know for a fact that there are ladies out there who can't or won't get their ears pierced. It doesn't matter why. It doesn't matter where - unless postage comes into it.

What matters is they must be sick and tired of the two mainstream options: (a) Granny buttons, or (b) Nothing.

I remember being sick of those options when I was 13 and scared of getting my ears pierced [I finally overcame my fears at the tender age of 35] but I also wanted to wear pretty things when occasion or my mood warranted it.

I still own some pretty funky costume jewellery, FYI.

I used those skills twice to give Isabella Bennett some bling. And it occurred to me that there are genderfluid and trans people out there that might want earrings if only they came without the need for punctures.

There's also people who don't alter their bodies for religious reasons. They're welcome, too.

Beloved has helped, this morning, showing me a site where I can obtain all kinds of goodies for relatively cheap. And I can progressively unearth my SABLE and put it to good use.

...if I can get a job lot of seed beads, I can probably do a whole bunch of Pride Flag Pins real easy. I just need a reference chart and I should be good...

BUT we're kinda broke at the moment because somebody went to Wild Wild West Con... so I can just do the research stage for now and line up my purchases.

And if I get too many of the "I could make that myself" type angry comments, I may offer a Starter Kit.

Figuring out how to get Bitzer into there... I dunno. Maybe I'll just stick with the character blog that I always wanted to do. Maybe something will cross my path that I can use Bitzer for.

I trust in providence.