Challenge #01433-C338: Pressing Suit

Courting gifts given in hope of acceptance, they vary from culture to species. -- Knitnan

On the mating rituals of Galactic Species...

As a whole, the mating habits of Galactic Society are so wide and varied that one may be excused for missing the signals of another. For example, most species gift food to their desired mate, but the solitary and territorial B'la'b'lankh sing[1] for their mates.

To the Vigin, a food-gift of meat is the deadliest of insults, while to the Car'ni'vra, a fruit basket can, has, and will begin a war. Be certain you know what you are flirting with so that you know how.

The warrior women of Su'tiin, for instance, will only accept the head of an enemy as a gift. Whilst the warrior women of Klazzt will give the head of an enemy to the one they desire, as a show of strength.

Do not give Havenworlders chocolate. They are metabolically unprepared for theobromine. Soft fruits or easily-digested vitamin soups are recommended.

Deathworlders, on the other hand, accept a wide variety of gifts. Many are capable of consuming sucrose in all its forms[2] and most will accept it as a gift of fond feeling.

Females must be wary if they desire any male from a Greater Deregulation as most are unaware of the knowledge that females are also people. Tread very carefully if one approaches you, as well.

And, of course, honesty is the best policy amongst all Galactics. Those willing to communicate with you are also those who are willing to accept compromise or heartfelt effort.

[1] A reminder at this point that every species' definition of 'sing' is very, very different from your own.

[2] See Appendix "Sugar Arts" for further information.

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