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Challenge #03862-J210: On the Other Foot

Took me several hours to think of this one, but I think it fits for this scenario.

There's another accident, this time, it's the CEO who ends up killed. The "indispensable worker" uses the equipment to put their boss into a less than ideal automaton, before limping the very, very badly damaged ship toward alliance space, as they are the closest, sending out distress signals. -- Lessons

Rule one of surviving executive incompetence: keep copies of EVERYTHING. The security tapes, the direct messages, the corporate paperwork, the post-its. All of it.

And... yes. I even made a copy of my boss.

I succumbed to temptation and fabricated a "spare backup" of my own brain backup pillow. I got away with it by pointing out the corporate rule of law. He put up with it because it was easier than debating with the corporate lawyers. Then I swapped out his pillow with the spare. Just like the bossman said, I didn't need it, and he didn't care where it was stored.

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Challenge #03763-J110: Recycled Staff

I have died many times now. Each time I am reborn, I have all of the memories of my past life, and the lives before that. I was warned about this, but until my job is done, and they're all safe, I accepted this fate. -- Anon Guest

Sometimes, it's a pain in the arse to be indispensable. It's a worse pain in the arse to be indispensable on a Deregger ship with appropriated B'Nari tech. The instant the CEO noticed my

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