Challenge #03827-J175: With Justice For All

They were hurting the children born with horns, praising the ones born with wings. Then I became the new Lord of the town. The instigators of such behavior learned quickly I would NOT tolerate such. And all children, born human or not, were to be treated equally. And all citizenry, no matter what their species, were also to be treated equally. THAT is the new law of the land. -- Anon Guest

They call this place Havenspring. According to legend, it's where the last battle of the Xenophobia Wars ended in a peace agreement. Legend lies,of course. The Xenophobia Wars have been raging in other continents for hundreds of years after Havenspring reach its tentative peace.

Let me give a warning to all other kings and lords for a moment: Never trust an official tour. Offical tours only display what they're proud of. What they're willing to show off. If you want the truth of a place, go incognito.

You'll learn far more about a place. More than any of them are willing to admit.

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