Saturday, Parkrun and further PLNs

My bone spurs are pulling bullshit on me again. I need to acquire some little thing to help me out with that. In the meantime, I'm wearing the Torture Shoes whenever I'm not in bed.


FWIW I need a piece of broomstick dowel that's about 20cm long so I can stand on it and roll it around for like five minutes per foot. Then I go sit and roll around ice bottles under my feet until they start to melt.

Fun times ahead.

Day two of my personal experiment, I have yet to notice any kind of effect. It apparently takes a while. We will take it one day at a time.

Tomorrow, the QPP is heading off to the Redcliff markets so I had to cancel the stream stuff again. Gotta get a good rest in so I can be active for fam-related shenanigans.

Similarly, my offerings tomorrow won't be happening until the afternoon. I might not even have the minutes necessary to do the blog entry for the day.

We should be back to the regular shit next week. I can hope.

BUT for now, I get on with my offerings. So let's get cracking.