Challenge #03821-J169: Where to Draw the Line

Strike me? I don't care, go ahead, I may end up bruised, but I will not be broken. I'll just walk away annoyed, but you may live. Strike the innocent around me? And I will rip your arms off and beat you to death with them. -- Fighting Fit

Only the Master Bai called the resident Hellkin a Lord. It might have been sarcasm. It's hard to tell with Elves. The rest of the Dojo either referred to him as Trainee Hellkin, or that Hellkin. As if there were any other in the entirety of Wolklippenstadt.

Some debated his status as Trainee, but the Master allowed him to wear the red, even though he had his arm in a cast and a sling.

Several other Novices had already tested his skill and failed. The devilborn could beat any challenger literally single-handed. He never picked a fight with any other student, and it seemed like nobody could make him angry.

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