Challenge #03957-J305: Faerie Retribution

Several bullies have a spell put on them so that they're forced to feel what their victims felt when being bullied. Save for the adult who had nothing but hate in their heart, everyone else learns their lessons well. -- Anon Guest

Parents say it to their children all the time. The Faekindred will get you. A general warning to play by the rules, stay close, and otherwise behave oneself. A mishap immediately after an ill-willed action or statement is said to be a Faekindred's revenge.

In a world where Brauniin pride themselves on helping mortals in secret, it's not too far from the truth. They number among the few Faekindred who are actively interested in helping mortals with little in the way of reward. They usually limit themselves to small acts. Finding or mislaying small items. Finishing a work left half-done.

One... got hold of a little power.

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