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Challenge #01583-D122: The Word Escapes

English is also a loose cannon cop-on-the-edge who doesn't play by the rules and will do horrible, horrible things if it solves the short-term problem in front of him. -- RecklessPrudence

There are moments when words escape the speaker. Rational thought, too, takes a temporary holiday and necessity mothers a great deal of illogical invention.

"I need a new..." the next word fled to the furthest reaches of Kathmandu. "" What was the dang word for it? People were staring. She needed to make up something in a hurry. " spear..."

"I think you mean 'fork'," said her friend, passing her one.

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I know I'm getting to sleep. I know I'm sleeping the night... but it's not working as much as it used to. Maybe it's the change of seasons. Maybe it's the time I spend reading in bed. Maybe I just need a coffee. Whatever it is, I'm not as fully "charged" as I'm used to.

Which means I'm back to functioning on low battery.

I know how to do it... I'd just rather not. You know?

My shrink gave me more homework,

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Contemplating fixes

I've been working on an SPG lorefic for... well... quite some time. Ever since I posted that free plotbunny a while ago. It's getting immense. As fanfic is wont to do.

It's so immense that when I try to export it to my inbox, it cuts off just as Iris is trying to coax Peter into eating human food. (tiny spoilers)

I'm way past that bit. Way, way, WAY past that bit. I haven't done a word count, yet, but I'm fairly

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Thanks a bunch, Notch

So, you’ve all heard by now - or all of you that care about Minecraft - that they’ve updated Minecraft again with taller worlds. Yay. And jungles. Yay. And massive trees. Yay. And pet cats. Yay.

And I now have to re-make my adventure map in progress because I’m that gosh-darn obsessive-compulsive.


It’s times like this that I wish Minecraft had a copy-paste mode. Or mass replace commands like the maps in World

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