Tuesday, Patreon and Errands

Mayhem's got an appointment this afternoon. I have stuff to post on Patreon. I have offerings to make for y'all's entertainment.

I've put my nebulous PLNs to make bread today on hold. I'll have way more time for that tomorrow.

We should get paid today, and that will be a breath of fresh air. If I have the funds when Mayhem's in transit, I'll get the supplies on the way home.

Otherwise, I'll have to do all of that on Wednesday. Perhaps holding off on the bread until Thursday.

Which might be just one of the reasons I have to feel the clouds of depression looming over my shoulder. Another one is that I'm the only person who cares about household upkeep and doing things properly. I keep finding rubbish in the recycling and vice versa. Also, I tried to get lighter pants for myself and accidentally bought a pair too small to actually go on my firkin legs.

...I can't get anything right, these days.

The temperature is awful, the air is muggy, and I kind of dread getting through everything I have to do. Especially since I'm pretty much doing it on my own.


But if I give up then absolutely nothing will get done at all.

So it's either feel useless or be useless.

...I need hugs.