Tuesday, Patreon and Shenanigans

I'm off on a Leyland's Tour at an unknown hour today, and I'm already prepped for that much running around. Mayhem is currently sound asleep and I could not wake him enough to get the time of take-off.

I can only hope that he wakes up with enough time to act appropriately.

Meantime, I have made an important discovery about my self-maintenance routine.

It can take up to an HOUR. Two if I need more time to ease the aches and pains from the stretchies.

I'm posting stuff on my Patreon as soon as I quit spacing out. At least I have some things to share. Yay.

My aims today are to work on the maps and then have a go at my pitch kit for Beauties and the Beastly. Relatively easy tasks that I can take or leave as urgency requires. And also it doesn't require huge amounts of effort or time to tick off on my accomplishment chart.

...the lying by technicality begins already. But at least I'm still doing the things.

But first, some flash fiction. Because everything else is another piecemeal project.

Let's go!