Challenge #04026-K008: Socially Engineered

Don't be a bully. You have NO idea who, or what, might be watching. Do NOT be a bully, you have no idea how strong the ones you're picking on, despite them being much smaller than you, truly are. Just... do NOT be a bully! -- Anon Guest

Of all the small crimes of Human society, the most pernicious and egregious has to be the bad habit of bullying. Asserting dominance and some fragment of superiority by putting someone else down. Climbing up the social ladder by stepping on other people's fingers, as it were.

Humanity has spent centuries trying to reprogram social mechanics to eliminate it. Some methods were more effective than others.

Such as listening to the victims, and acting accordingly. When a child is caught out and reprimanded for unapproved behaviour, they're less likely to repeat it. But there's always a few who double down.

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