Friday, Freedom and Shenanigans

Beloved is OUT of the hospital, but she has yet to escape the swarms of experts there to be assured of her full recovery.

I mis-reported her arm as broken this whole time, it's "only" fractured. If there's "just" a crack in it, they don't need to put her in a cast.

IMNSHO there's no such thing as "only" fractured.

So. Full update on conditions:

  • Broken jaw
  • with added plate and braces
  • which means liquid/puree diet.
  • A shoulder that may or may not need a plate
  • because said experts are waiting a week to find that noise out.

They've got her on antibiotics, a special mouthwash, and some really nice painkillers. They're also fine tuning her diabetes meds, because of course they are.

She's staying over at Adorable's place because it's closer to the hospital and cheaper to get a ride there/back.

I am going to have some coffee, take my meds, pack up my travel nonsense, and head on over. I will probably be more invested in giving comfort and entertainment than giving the internet offerings. Which just means more twofers when I finally get back to business.

Yoiks and away.