Saturday, Nebulous PLNs

We decided to skip parkrun today. Beloved was not up to sitting still on a freezing day while the rest of the fam were off pounding the pavement. Not fun.

I also have NO idea what I'm doing tomorrow, so I've cancelled my stream plans. Again. My players don't mind and I have no audience so... no big loss.

I will catch up on the memes over in the Fediverse, then give y'all a twofer. Unless I'm called away some other nonsense.

Beloved is doing well. The usual irresistible force, she's only slowed down by current circumstances. I was just there to help her around. I should hope that Adorable is keeping her comfortable in my absence.

So. From here to the Fediverse. From there to attempt a twofer.

And since last night I made the mistake of not checking for spinach on my pizza... I am planning to be very ill long about eight this evening. [Yes I did try to pick it all off. I may not have been successful]

I'm not planning any further than that.