Challenge #03833-J181: Obligation to Duty

An SOS went out that ships of Thranatyr and Humans both caught. BOTH sets of warships showed up at the planet. Who was sending the SOS? Women and children trying to flee. Who were they fleeing? The militant CEO's that were using it as a slave planet. Imagine the CEO's shock when the Deregger warships met the angry ships of Vorax and Humans? -- Anon Guest

There was a plaque on the bridge of the ship. A reminder, said the owner and chief executive of the Space Militia of Greater Deregulation Upper East. A reminder of their ancient and glorious history, that they were busily attempting to reclaim. The plaque held dead words, once uttered by dead people to a dead emperor.

Ave Imperator, morituri te salutant.

They were meant to recite it with their hands over their hearts every time they launched to war. Hank assumed it was some kind of oath to their owner. Some promise they didn't know they were making. Hank always mumbled the generic shape of the words instead of truly pronouncing them.

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