Sunday, Back in Brisbane

Let's recap.

We were supposed to board the plane at almost seven in the evening, get to Brisbane by eightish, and I would potentially have some energy to drive home and sleep in my own bed. That was the PLN.

However. The plane had a dodgy motor in its tail, the one responsible for driving the air conditioning in the plane. In order to get it operational, they needed a special charger at the airport.

Some other plane nicked it for two firkin hours.

So instead of making it home in time for bed, I made it to Adorable's after bed and crashed at her place. As a direct result, this morning may well include a stroll through the markets and at least one form of pancakes.

Therefore everything is delayed. It will get there eventually, I promise.

I think I may have earned some slugging-about time after all the hectic rush of yesterday.