Day Zero

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Shenanigans! (Day Zero)

There's outbreaks in North Queensland linked to sewerage somehow. I'm vaguing on the details but there's also a beach? I don't know if it's related, so don't go connecting any dots.

We've had a firkin WEEK of Day Zeroes and it's honestly shitting me off. There's like five different articles calling for all of Australia to "finish the job" and I bet that's going to involve locking up all the firkin Karen Squad.

So far:

  • It's a Student-Free day for Chaos
  • Mayhem has his diagnosis papers! Yay!
  • I have fed my sourdough starters and attempted making more of a pancake out of the goop [results further on]
  • QLD's PM is being heavily criticised for making sure ANYONE from an infection zone quarantines for a fortnight
  • I need to go shopping
  • Unfuckening happens TODAY

For the goop, I usually harvest about one cup of tired sourdough starter. To this, this morning, I added roughly a quarter cup each of Malaney Dairies cream (the BEST stuff), and coconut milk. The vegan milk that makes sense in a tropical climate. Ahem.

Stirred carefully because the bowl I had was dangerously full by then, and then poured into a heated frypan with some melted salted butter. I like to scatter mine with chopped olives but what you top yours with is up to you. It takes longer to cook the goopier it is. For this one, it took forty minutes to cook the bottom, and then the regular twenty to do the top.

I'm letting it rest in the pan as the pan cools down.

Later, I will extract it to a chopping board and cut it into niblet-sized quadrangles - I hesitate to call them "squares" because I have an eye like a rotten eel. They are very good munchables and alongside last night's "butter chicken" style prawns with riced cauliflower, I have me some gorging to do. Yum.

Just glancing at the news today makes me not wanna do today, but... there's a lotta gotta do it today. Le sigh.

At least I got one duck to march...

Tuesday and still day zero

Only one new case today and no news to find about where it is. My bet is Wacol. If not Wacol, then some institution where the protocols are sacrificed for cost-cutting.

Today, I shall offer up things I've written to my Patrons, and do my Instant as usual. There's also a minimum of a hundred words in KOSBOB that I'll do during Bus O'Clock.

Good news - I've returned to making those masks.
Bad news - I burned my finger in the

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Monday - Day Zero, the Groundhoggening

Four more cases from Wacol. Again. There is definitely a pattern. Meat processing and institutions are hotbeds of infection.

New Zealand is emerging from their second wave lockdown and will now have to be on alert for the third. As long as the plague rages somewhere, places with sense will have to be firkin paranoid.

China now has a 'carrier killer' and the sabre rattling between them and the US intensifies.

One of the covidiots who went ackers from quarantine will become

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Saturday, and more Day Zero

Three new cases linked to Wacol. Sigh. They really need to rummage through the back drawers to find where the flaws are in the protocol there. Then put some firkin plaster over it. Or something.

Today's PLN is very simple:

  • Write Instant
  • Eat carbs
  • Play games
  • Sleep early
  • Be up close to midnight to watch Toasty stream early in tomorrow


I'm still staying away from a majority of the news, but it seems like institutions [for the elderly, for the disabled,

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Friday (Day Zero)

Two new cases, according to the Queensland government. No details on the site I use about how when or why. I will likely find out from MeMum at a later interval.

I'm skimming the headlines, and apparently some Emus are dying of bird flu. Bad for Australia all around.

A returned traveller in Quarantine is suffering because asthma plus dust mite allergy plus a lack of balconies. I sympathise. She's definitely not a Karen, because she's been gracious to the people responsible

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I never did get the hang of Thursdays (Day Zero)

Yet another case linked to those Covidiots who went to Melbourne to go shoplifting -_- As far as I'm aware, they still haven't tracked down the Patient X who's the missing link between some cases they've found so far. As far as I'm aware, the second wave in NZ still doesn't have a single source.

That's what makes this plague so horrific.

One asymptomatic person with a lot of contacts can wreak a lot of havoc.

I'm still staying away from

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One new case, so I'm happier about my place in the world. Physically speaking, I'm still under my rock and growling at anything that gets too close.

Sometimes, it feels like MeMum and I are the only ones who have been doing Polite PPE for the duration of the damn plague.

Mayhem's having a birthday today - nineteen! I'm letting him sleep in because we have cake later in the afternoon.

The things I can do on my compy are getting smaller

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Monday (Day Zero Secundus)

It's Monday, there's two new cases today, which is less than the alarming nine of yesterday. I feel secure in allowing Miss Chaos to keep attending school, but I shall be keeping a weather eye on the case count.

A very paranoid weather eye. My firkin life is on the line. Even though it feels like I'm the only one who cares about that, I'm probably the most important person who does. If that makes sense, then what are you doing in

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Day Zer- OMG

Nine cases today. NINE! Three of them are from overseas and isolated, but the rest... The rest of them are linked to a youth prison. A youth prison that is linked by staffers with aged care and disability care homes.


Queensland is now in severe lockdown and the message is out - the longer this goes on, the more restrictions there will be. Stop these shenanigans at once or we shall all be bricked into our homes.

Meanwhile, the two covidiots

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Groundhog Day Zero

There's been an outbreak in Brisbane and it may be linked to the person who tested negative all the way to Japan. Investigations are proceeding at all due speed. Contract tracing and massive testing is about to spring forth.

Google doesn't want to give even one red cent to news sources it gains literally billions of dollars from advertising surrounding their searches. They're also up in arms about forced transparency behind their almighty algorithm. As a direct result, they're threatening Australians with

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Groundhoggening: Day Zero

Once again, someone turned up in Queensland with symptoms. They're in isolation, but it's still Day Zero and I'm starting to get ropeable. I want to feel free to just go out and wander around and see what's what again. Instead of the laser-guided Get The Thing missions that have been all of my shopping since March.

I miss being able to just browse. I miss looking around and getting ideas from things. I miss D&D nights. I miss being

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