Long Day

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Monday Morning Extended Version

Toasty has moved her stream times to Monday Morning at Fuckoff AM, my time. So I face the beginning of the week with lack of sleep as a bonus score. Fortunately, my Beloved did some of the good math and figured out I should fall asleep REAL early so I could get enough rest to face my long-arse day with at least vigor.

It's worked. I have some tinned caffeine to imbibe when I flag later on today. I have yet to feed the cats and wake Chaos so she can prepare for the day. I have half a pln to attempt to work on KOSBOB but no actual urgency for a word limit. If I get over a hundred words, today, I'm counting that as a win.

Zero pressure.

The real challenge is not allowing my medically-trained heroine to go off about the plague I'm weathering in the here and now. She has her own challenges. She is not my soapbox.

It's almost six in the morning. I need to feed the cats, wake the child, and have more caffeine.

I should also wear some clothes. That's a good plan.

Challenge #01314-C219: The Long Days

These things are sent to try us and they certainly do. -- Anon Guest

All of the longest days start in the wee small hours. Haven't you noticed? They begin with the nightmare. The terrors. The loud neighbour who accidentally or on purpose blasts five seconds of noise into the air. Or the telemarketer who calls without realising the time where you live. Or the obnoxious party relative who drunk-dials you for no real reason, or under the mistaken assumption that your

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