Monday, Day 0, Long Monday

Plague news:

  • 11 957 new cases
  • 85 112 total active cases
  • 863 hospitalisations
  • 47 in the ICU
  • 10 new deaths
  • 8 606 total cases in first nations' people

It's Long Monday, I really don't feel like unriddling an Excell spreadsheet -__- And technically, it's Long Sunday. Everything and it's cousin conspired to keep me awake when I was trying to sleep, yesterday afternoon.

Believe me I am getting some sleep today or I may yet strangle something.

IF I get anything extra done before tomorrow, I am calling it a bonus.

In the news:

  • Aussie hostie says the nation's management of Omicron is a "bin fire" compared to the tough restrictions of New Zealand
  • More heatwave for Australia
  • Parentals mad about the school rules for the plague
  • University has list of banned words. They have learned nothing from Tumblr's earlier attempts to do so
  • US move that could finally stop Russia
  • Lady donates kidney to boyfriend, gets dumped ten months later
  • Knomira threatens to call the police on... small children riding their bikes on the footpath. Which is NOT illegal.
  • New nontoxic coating that can stop fire is inspired by lava

Now I post stuff. Then I nap. I hope. PLEASE let me sleep -_-