Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress

Plague news:

  • 9 546 new cases
  • 76 417 total active cases
  • 928 hospitalisations
  • 51 in the ICU
  • 11 more deaths
  • 9 408 total cases in First Nations people least some numbers are going down.

Vax news:

  • 322 467 national doses
  • 52 218 Qld doses
  • 9 497 ACT doses
  • 99 440 NSW doses
  • 2 574 NT doses [did they hear me? o_O]
  • 22 671 SA doses
  • 6 900 Tas doses
  • 87 779 Vic doses
  • 41 388 WA doses

Thanks to Clive Palmer and a recent political advert for Clive Palmer's United Australia Party for and about Clive Palmer... today's rant is in the bag. I might even make a meme about it.

Tentative title: The Tyranny of Your Freedoms

I now have a humidifier for my desk and an OPEP device that is SUPER EFFECTIVE at shifting the nasty out of my lungs. Thanks to that, I can now confirm that I shall need to speak to my quack about antibiotics. Yayyyy... ::gritted-teeth emoji::

MORE firkin medical expenses. Just what I didn't need on top of everything else.

"Everything else" being three budget hits in a row [exploding hot water system, cat dental, dead lappy] PLUS a looming fine from the local council if I don't get the yard under control. And Beloved so very helpfully leaving that search on my already stressed shoulders. Thanks love. I know you have work and all, but Powers damnit... A little bit of help would be nice.

MeMum, on a pension, is sending me cashola because of this horseshit. It won't help pay off the disaster because everything there is digital, but it will help pay for frivolities like... FOOD. I've scraped my hoards down already and gathered as much as I can but it's not yet enough to cover the looming disaster-in-progress.

I'm not looking at the news today. I have enough to worry about.