Challenge #03313-I025: Cold Stone Inn

It's young Venin who points out the blunt obvious to these two adults, Kevin's got that bow that shoots those magic arrows, and the last time he experimented with it, he made the equivalent of a Hero's Feast. Did they forget as long as he's there with the bow, they'll never go hungry? -- Anon Guest

The good berries were filling, for their tiny size. One argument resolved and bellies no longer complaining, it was Venin who remembered.

"What about that hecking overpowered bow?"

There was another moment of glaring and Kevin, red of face, mumbled, "Ma said not t' over-use it."

Wraithvine was busy sliding hir palm down hir face. "Adventurers cannot be relied upon to remember that they have feet," ze sighed. "And now I am among that number."

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