Friday, Day 0, Playing Catch-up

Plague news:

  • 16 812 new cases
  • 91 306 total active cases
  • 850 hospitalisations
  • 48 in the ICU
  • 9 deaths
  • 6 959 total cases in First Nations people

Vax news:

  • 332 808 national doses
  • 61 827 Qld doses
  • 8 281 ACT doses
  • 102 516 NSW doses
  • 3 606 NT doses
  • 24 929 SA doses
  • 8 471 Tas doses
  • 79 496 Vic doses
  • 43 682 WA doses

I didn't get as much done as I wanted to, yesterday. Because parcel arrival, Beloved and I went out to fetch the parcel, buy some makeup, have a nice steak dinner, and go buy coffee at Costco. It's amazing how things like that soak up time.

At least I got the essentials done. I can do the other stuff any time.

For instance, I just now learned how to stop hosting someone I raided to if that hosting is still going the next day. Huzzah.

I might be doing further poking around in Twitch later on today. Depends if another parcel arrives.

I do aim to get more footnotes corrected. And speaking of corrections, I really should note that the proper number should have been 222, because I do TWO of each number. Meanwhile, in my unpublished document, I have 230 footnotes starting with a "[1". Firkin whoops.

Beloved reckons we may have already caught and survived the plague. I mean, SOME of the symptoms match? But it's also so firkin vague. I continue to not take any chances.

In the news:

  • It snowed in the Sahara. Ten billion Climate Change Denyers: "So much for Global Warming [Goofy chuckle]!" -_-
  • WA staying shut because Omicron. Finally. Someone with some mother-loving SENSE
  • Mother of MURDERED CHILD defends the man who murdered her kid. Calls him 'tortured' 9_9
  • 57YO disabled man survives 27-hour swim following the Tonga Tsunami. Cue the inspiration pr0n Hallmark movie based on his true story
  • Allegedly 'tortured' murderer of smol child apparently had a life of relative privilege
  • Cleo Smith's parents plotting to change her name so the Media don't hound her to pieces
  • Media advises that you should ignore your RAT results if your work is understaffed [kidding!] They actually say that after a week, you're no longer infectious
  • Man turns in wife after hearing her confess to a crime in her sleep
  • Many kids don't see the point of school
  • Once again, the link between luxuries [sturgeon caviar] and longevity is correlation and not causation
  • Huge heat wave for Australia
  • Russia plans to ban crypto
  • Australia's run out of chicken
  • Tennis Snowflake plotting to sue Australia
  • Scientists have trained Yeast to make Covid spikes in a revolutionary new vaccine creation technique and then LET THE WORLD HAVE IT FOR FREE
  • They have a new treatment for Alzheimer's

Story soon. Chaos now.