Challenge #03308-I020: Repaid in Full

Though he never knew how many lived there, he'd saved well over 500 lives. Saving that small village by discovering a cure for a plague had become his deepest desire. He'd saved them not because Wraithvine had required him to save lives as penance for his crimes, but because looking into the eyes of the sick children, he swore to every god that would listen he'd rather die than see these people suffer, Wraithvine's requirement bedamned! Cold irony, the cure didn't work for him. His last request was to hopefully live long enough to see Wraithvine one last time, despite the chest-caving cough and weakness that wracked his body due to illness, to tell him he was sorry he couldn't fulfill his promise to the man to adventure out and find 300 souls. But hoped, at least, saving this one village would show he at least tried. --DaniAndShali

One hundred lives saved already, before Kal found Sunnybarrow. A virulent disease was sweeping the little township and the people were desperate. Kal wasn't thinking of his geas from Wraithvine. He was thinking of at least a hundred children who reminded him of Lissi.

A person could save one with a Wish, but they were either expensive or hard to acquire. What Sunnybarrow needed was more than that for certain.

Having wandered with Wraithvine for a space of time, Kal had picked up more than a modicum of alchemy, potioneering, and medicine. He had also acquired some rituals that may or may not be any help.

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