Challenge #03309-I021: A Creeping Affection

She viewed him as a friend, though at first he was just an annoyance. She saw he had learned so much and was willing to open his mind, and not just act like all the other human men she'd known before the Wish sent her here. Maybe, one day, they could become best friends, for in her view he was starting to feel more like having a lunkhead, if but a very kind one, of a brother, little by little. Maybe, one day, she'd say something about that. -- Anon Guest

Melody was, despite her best efforts, starting to warm to that idiot Dan. It was the way he threw himself, whole-heartedly, into his efforts. It was also the way he listened. When she said to give her space, he did so.

Whether it was because he became a parent by accident, and thus didn't have the time... or because he chose to help with the new community, and had less time, she couldn't tell. Not immediately. She could not instantly divine his motives, and that was a problem for her.

Melody was entirely too used to men treating her like a clever machine. One they could put kindness into until sex came out. Dan... seemed to adore her, but he was keeping it restrained.

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