Challenge #03307-I019: The Sword Often Loses

The man was a reluctant killer. Forced by his lord to slay any his lord demanded lest his own family be slain. He was sent after an Elf that, once he heard the name, knew that meant he would never see his family again. Not in this world at least. But the Elf, the mage, was merciful. In swearing to save the man's family, the man swore to find the families of those he had slain, and make sure those families were set up with protection and care, so the evil lord, and his brothers, would never harm them again. -- Lessons

"Go out and kill Wraithvine the Eternal," said Duke Averl, as if it were the simplest of things. "If you fail to return with his head, I shall give you the heads of your family."

Wilkinson was left with no alternative but to set forth and do as his Lord bade him. He had two tiny ones and a third on the way. He may never see them again, but if he set out and perished, the Duke could not punish those who remained. Not lawfully anyway.

To face Wraithvine in battle was to face death. So many had gone against the immortal Wizard and met their end.

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