Sunday, Day 0, D&D Prep

Plague news:

  • 19 709 new cases
  • 187 037 total active cases
  • 649 in hospital
  • 46 in the ICU
  • and 6 new deaths

Vax doses in Australia:

  • 339 207 nation-wide
  • 68 398 in Qld
  • 7 441 in ACT
  • 102 050 in NSW
  • 3 330 in NT
  • 23 719 in SA
  • 6 720 in TAS
  • 84 523 in VIC
  • 43 017 in WA

I shall be watching streams, writing a little bit, and reading ahead for our next adventure. Long Monday begins for me at 10PM tonight. Fun.

Beloved is going to visit her mum today for some tech support stuff. I'm staying in place, of course, because Other PLNs.

All the high muckety-mucks are saying that the chronically ill and mentally disabled are "acceptable losses" and I'm one of the ones its "acceptable" to lose. Fuck them.

I tweeted about it in protest, but I doubt anything will come of it.

Also, because Trolls, I am not checking new prompts on stream. Thanks, arseholes. I hope you're proud of yourselves.

In the news:

  • Tsunami warning for the Southeast Coast of Aus
  • No data on the boosters or plans to send a fourth shot to at-risk groups
  • Randy Andy might be banished from the royals forever
  • Nurses getting abuse from the Antivax Knomiras
  • We're going to run out of potatoes, say experts
  • Aussie plague expert catches the plague
  • Shops around the world are cutting sick leave benefits for any staff who were unvaxxed
  • Hackers steal $550 Million in Crypto
  • US Students protest being sent to school to catch the plague
  • Scientists can bring 'Dead' Lithium batteries back to life

Stories later. Internet willing, because it's raining.