Challenge #03297-I009: Viral Integrity

A new virus is sweeping the Deregger empire! The deregger leadership is forcing people to wear masks, making, 'gasp', REGULATIONS to wear them! The leadership is running terrified, anyone found to be infected is immediately imprisoned. They even consider begging the CRC for help as it mutates each time a vaccine is found and will not combine with the immunoflu! The virus has a dangerous side effect. So dangerous it could rip their empire to SHREDS! CEO's and other leaders are locking themselves in fortresses hoping to avoid infection! Though the virus has not killed a single being, it does FAR worse! It alters the mind! Those who get infected become completely, and incurably........ incapable of uttering, or writing, even one single lie. -- DaniAndShali

They called it POF-32, and every time it was almost under control, a new variant would emerge. Usually from the people protesting the laws and rules put in place to prevent its spread. It wasn't remotely lethal, not at all, but it did alter the brain.

That was the one talking point that the media attempted to create terror about. They tried to make people scared. They tried to make it sound like it would melt people's brains. They even tried to make it sound immoral.

It was an effort doomed to failure.

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