Sunday, Day 0, Shenanigans

Plague news:

  • 15 050 new cases
  • 84 807 total active cases
  • 884 hospitalisations
  • 52 in the ICU
  • 23 deaths
  • 8 096 total cases in First Nations People

Vax news:

  • 335 954 national doses
  • 58 148 Qld doses
  • 8 480 ACT doses
  • 100 781 NSW doses
  • 2 988 NT doses
  • 24 409 SA doses
  • 6 930 Tas doses
  • 92 697 Vic doses
  • 41 521 WA doses

Two of those Qld doses are myself and my Beloved. That's right! We've had our boosters. Huzzah.

I shall see how much it kicks my butt this time around.

Once more, I don't have many plans than be gentle to myself and get plenty of what my bod needs.

I might be sleeping a lot more. I certainly feel more tired more easily.

In insult-to-injury news, I have the world's tiniest and most painful zit on my left eyelid. RIGHT where I can't properly zap it. Dangit.

My day promises to be "fun".

In the news:

  • There's a newer, more virulent variant of Omicron and they still don't know if it's deadlier or not. Yay
  • Satellite pics show Russia on the warpath again
  • Arnold Schwartzenegger in 4-vehicle crash
  • Owner of 8K homes says there's an economic crisis and recommends Aussies get a "small loan" from their billionaire dads to weather the crisis [half-kidding, I didn't read the article but most of their advice is like this]
  • Meat Loaf was an antivaxxer before the plague hit
  • Solar power will account for half of the US power grid this year

Watch for Tale Foundry on Twitch, and when they announce this week's prompt, that's when I gear up to start my stream.