Challenge #03310-I022: What Worries Most

Lilicoon talks to her therapist about the request for a date by someone she cares for quite a bit, and her fear and confusion because of it. -- Anon Guest

Lilicoon flexed her fingers in her current crochet piece. It was an instinctual comfort motion from the feline side of her genetics, and therefore unstoppable. Having something soft to flex her new hands in was a boon for her.

"I know that Human Jay is one of the very dangerous humans, but he is also dangerous in very specific circumstances. They are also... nice. They are kind to me. They are gentle. I... like them."

Therapist Zef knew this wasn't entirely about Jay. Yes, Jay was a member of Pax Humanis; yes, they were a serial murderer, but they were a Justice Enforcer and not the type who simply enjoyed killing. Ze got to the meat of the matter. "You are not entirely concerned about your upcoming date with them, are you?"

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