Willful Ignorance

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Challenge #03068-H160: We Agree With You

HAH! (Heavenworlders Against Humans!) stated as an small movement which mutated into an organisation that had only 3 "simple" demands/ goals

1 Rid Alliance space of humans

2 Restrict Greater (and lesser) Deregulations to their own space and strictly guard and monitor their borders

3 Return to the peace and safety that was pre Human Alliance.

the Alliance was at a loss as to what to do with this steadily growing absurdity, as Heavenworlders had never recorded instances of *rofanticising past civilizations.

*Rofanticise: the romanticised and fanticised way people look at past civilisations (living or dead), without taking into account the hardships, shortcomings, small mindedness, and general crappiness those ways of living or societies generally contained. see; 1940's/50's America, Hunter gatherer tribes, Ancient Rome, Ancient Norse, medieval Europe, Victorian England, and on and on and on.

(please note Rofanticise, Rofanticised and Rofanticising is a word group I came up with to describe this phenomenon, as simple romanticising and nostalgia did not adequately define what it is humans do, and i couldn't find any word that fit so i made one in urban dictionary to cover it.) -- Adam in Darwin

[AN: Rofanticise is a perfectly cromulent word. I fundorse it entirely]

"Back before things were ruined," they whine. "Back in my day..." or, "Things were better when..." Always beware those who long for an era they weren't an adult in. Those pining for a time long lost, when things were allegedly better because time has eroded many signs of the inherent flaws.

They don't actually miss the entire era. Just aspects of it. Chiefly, the aspect that they imagine would give them everything they believe they miss out on now. When they would take their rightful place by the alleged natural mechanics of the cosmos. Havenworlders against Humans is just the latest iteration of the phenomenon.

All civilisations have had things like it. Vocal groups protesting the loss of an advantage they never possessed, fighting to gain it 'back' without fully examining the downsides of everything they seek to restore[1]. Never at any time understanding that, in their goal era, there were those who longed for even simpler times, when things were easier for them. Hindsight may be twenty-twenty, but Nostalgia adds rose-coloured glasses.

The Havenworlders at Edge Trade Station were rowdy. Specifically, those who wanted to revoke Humanity's general acceptance into the Galactic Alliance and put Humans back onto the planets they had already 'infested'. It's language like that that lets a casual observer know that they're not welcoming all of the facts.

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Challenge #03057-H134: A Wilful Sacrifice

It was a race against time. Despite the Dereggers giving a weak attempt at a blockade, refusing to believe there was any danger, the alliance ships swooped in to yank every man, woman, and child off of the two colony planets before the sun engulfed the entire system. The colonists had asked for help but the CEO's had been rejecting their requests, saying there was no danger, CEO's hate being proven wrong. -- Lessons

The CEO's of Planetary Domains Inc. swore up

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Stupid is infectious

In sympathy with the idiots with guns protesting lockdowns, over in the US, some idiots with cardboard signs tried protesting the lockdowns in Victoria. All of those people from Victoria are enjoying a no-frills lockdown care of the nation's prisons.

Next thing you know, they'll be drinking bleach to try and cure themselves. PSA - don't drink bleach or you will die.

The Muppet's having a big concern because the plague has hit his fortress of ego former "safe space" and he's

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Challenge #02667-G110: A Chosen Confusion

It is, at best, unwise to mistake these things for each other...

Kindness for Weakness

Patience for Passivity

Caution for Cowardice

Silence for Ignorance

Those who have done so have, almost invariably, learned the differences are vast indeed, and quite often have learned this in a manner whose results ensure they do not ever make that same mistake twice... or do anything else ever again, either... -- Anon Guest

It's almost a joke: A Galactic Citizen and a Deregger arrive at a

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Challenge #02363-F173: The Ego Won't Be Landing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDs5Abg0M9A -- AmberFox

There is, in fact, a Starman waiting in the sky. He is not leaning back on his radio, as the song once said, but is seated comfortably in a red roadster, wearing a stylish spacesuit. He posed so that he could, with a glance, read the dashboard display that says, Don't Panic!

He does not say anything. He does not do anything. That's because he is, in fact, a dummy. An effigy of

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Dear people who have nothing better to do than put hate in other folks' inboxes:

There is a “block” button on tumblr for a reason.

If someone is saying something you don’t like on tumblr, you can block them. Of course, they can go on saying whatever they damn well please [which, as I understand, is a constitutional right in the USA where most tumblrites are] but the bonus is - if you block them, you never see it,

You can even attempt to report them for harassment.

That is, if you think

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