Challenge #03656-J003: Without Orders

They sat Deathwatch as the entire polity's leaders refused the "evil" medicines that were desperately needed to cure the deadly virus sweeping their empire. The leadership died of the virus, the few people left, the sick and the very few immunes, reached out. The leaders are gone, please help us? -- Anon Guest

Greater Deregulation Lower Median North-Northwest was dying. Worse, it was dying of a preventable disease.

It wasn't often that a whole world died of Measles[1], but it was happening. It was even rarer that a whole world blockaded any and all medical intervention because of imaginary poisons, but this was a Greater Deregulation. They were founded on willful ignorance and profit for profit's sake.

It should not have been shocking that such a thing happened, but the shock didn't care about those rules.

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