Tuesday, Tech Support and Patreon

I might not be able to do the Patreon stuff today. If I get to it, I shall be getting to it in the afternoon or more towards the evening.

If it doesn't come up today, it will happen tomorrow. Which will also mean another episode of the fanficcy variant of A Devil's Tale

At this point, it's vague spoilers for the novel I'm working on. Things are changing with the demands of narrative and things aren't easy for my heroes. And though I have been saying a lot about micro-aggression, I should probably have some things to say about therapy.

Even in a world of magic, the mental stuff can't be magically cured.

I will also be testing the capability of my lappy to go out and write things, since working on the iPad is getting trickier because the old cover is bordering on complete decay.

Getting a new one involves having it hand-crafted by artisans in Tanegashima.

BUT if I have to keep hauling around the iPad, this is how I find out.

Today, soon as I am done with the flash fiction shenanigans, I am fueling up and hauling my pallid arse to MeMum's to do all the tech support stuff and ferrying she needs.


I can try to post some Patreon stuff before the stream. Let's see how far along I can get. The filtering down to the $15 tier takes the longest [because fuckload of chapters] so I'll be leaving that to absolute last.

Heading on to that goal NOW.