Wednesday, Wordpress and PLNs

I stayed in bed with my Beloved for a little too long today, and wound up streaming at 10AM.


BUT I also didn't have the 10AM curse happening to me.

We did not alter anything, but the compy failed to slow to tar and attempt to die. Huzzah. I am not going to fault it at all for surviving and defeating the curse.

I'm pretty much pointing to True Love's Kiss at this point because NOTHING ELSE DID ANYTHING.

BUT it also means that I can get a rattle on with (drumroll) doing all my other shit!


I might work on the Magic Cauldron Illusion for my Wordpress today.

I am definitely summarising more of Beauties and the Beastly, tagging a week of fics for the app [currently on February 2016, four years to go!] and creating more bits and bobs for my dungeon level huzzah.


I will stop when I'm not feeling it any more. But my priority is still the public output and honestly building the dungeon up helps me deal with the writer-y stuff in progress.

So let's begin by getting today's story out there.