Of Course I'M Not Talking About You

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Dear people who have nothing better to do than put hate in other folks' inboxes:

There is a “block” button on tumblr for a reason.

If someone is saying something you don’t like on tumblr, you can block them. Of course, they can go on saying whatever they damn well please [which, as I understand, is a constitutional right in the USA where most tumblrites are] but the bonus is - if you block them, you never see it,

You can even attempt to report them for harassment.

That is, if you think ‘criticism’ is harassment, or 'standing up for themselves’ is abuse or other certain symptoms of being a special snowflake, then you can report… but the admins will probably ignore you.

FYI, the admins also tend to ignore reports of racist idiots by their victims, too. You get to play “who’s the most oppressed”! Yay! [Hint: if your skin’s paler than the aged pages of a book, it isn’t you]

And lastly, I am not a special snowflake. I am a purple monkey from the vicinity of Betelgeuse. Your arguments are therefore invalid. You have a very nice planet, but these h'yumin things keep mucking it up by pretending they know what’s right for every(one/thing) else.


[PS: Of course I’m not talking about you.You’re obviously the kind of open-minded creative person that tumblr naturally attracts. Therefore, ignore this post.]