Challenge #03057-H134: A Wilful Sacrifice

It was a race against time. Despite the Dereggers giving a weak attempt at a blockade, refusing to believe there was any danger, the alliance ships swooped in to yank every man, woman, and child off of the two colony planets before the sun engulfed the entire system. The colonists had asked for help but the CEO's had been rejecting their requests, saying there was no danger, CEO's hate being proven wrong. -- Lessons

The CEO's of Planetary Domains Inc. swore up and down that their colony worlds weren't in danger around Spaetarin III. Their scientists had looked into the chemistry of the unstable star and their estimates said that it wasn't due to collapse for five hundred years.

The fact that Planetary Domains Inc. had been saying this for five hundred years seemed to pass them right by. Nevertheless, the Alliance kept butting in with inconvenient facts and spreading an unprofitable panic amongst the living assets. Colonists. Whatever.

They also decided to steal those assets. Colonists. People. Ignoring the fact that there clearly wasn't any danger and gouging into the bottom lines with their gung-ho hero complexes. CEO Mavros could no longer afford the security forces necessary to stop literal billions of ships coming in from the alliance and stealing his assets. Workers. It was a travesty. So he did what any CEO in his position would do. He filed suit.

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