Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress Once More

Two new cases, both imports. Sixteen total cases, twelve in hospital. I've got more of my Tiefling's story to share and more JavaScript to learn. And more novel to write, and another instant for your continued entertainment.

I'm back on the vegemite soup because I apparently need niacin. I also need to remember to keep the humidifier filled or I'll have a bad air day the next morning.

In the news:

  • Map of a sports stadium shows who could have been infected in Victoria
  • Shots fired at the site of George Floyd's death. The passive voice all over the article tells me (a) it was white people, and (b) it may have even been police
  • Famous internet video now an NFT worth billions, and its being deleted to preserve that value
  • Alleged caregiver of cancer patient just let him get bedsores and covered in lice
  • Airbnb CEO is crying that his profits travel will never be the same after the plague
  • QLD researchers have made a massive breakthrough with treating the plague. Countdown to it being sold off for profit in 5... 4...

And now I get on with getting on.