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Challenge #02667-G110: A Chosen Confusion

It is, at best, unwise to mistake these things for each other...

Kindness for Weakness

Patience for Passivity

Caution for Cowardice

Silence for Ignorance

Those who have done so have, almost invariably, learned the differences are vast indeed, and quite often have learned this in a manner whose results ensure they do not ever make that same mistake twice... or do anything else ever again, either... -- Anon Guest

It's almost a joke: A Galactic Citizen and a Deregger arrive at a planet-wide disaster zone... Except that this wasn't a joke and both Human individuals acted according to type. The Deregger attempted to make a profit, lecturing those already at their worst moments about how they should have prepared for the unforeseen.

The Galactic was quiet, and gave what they could spare, calling for help even though help was distant. Pitching in with sweat equity and doing what they could for others, even though it put them at risk as well. They didn't waste time or energy on correcting the Deregger, no matter how ample the Deregger's supplies, how loud their opinions, and how deplorable they were to their fellow cogniscent beings.

The Deregger was an armchair tactician, broadcasting across the devastated planet about how the Galactic opposition was doing everything wrong, causing more harm than help, and otherwise ruining it for commerce. Every single transmission decried the Galactic as a weak coward with less intelligence than an overripe pomegranate, who was somehow passive about the situation despite stealing honest work from the upstanding citizens below. Dereggers can believe in six conflicting ideas before breakfast.

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Challenge #02641-G084: A Significant Choice

I don’t really drink alcoholic beverages, mostly because I don't know what kind of drunk I am. I’m not willing to find out based off my parents, let’s just say alcohol was the reason why I was born. -- Anon Guest

"Small ale," said Lady Anthe.

"Rivenmont wine," said Wraithvine.

"I'll have a young cider," said Marvin.

Elf and Kobold alike looked to their Human compatriot. "Er," said Lady Anthe. "You remember you're of age now, yes?"

Wraithvine added,

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Challenge #02398-F208: Choose the Light

"You have a darkness in you."

"Yes, we all do, along with God's light. It's what makes us the same. What makes us different is what we choose to follow." -- Anon Guest

"What?" said the Kobold who, at this point in her journey, didn't think herself worthy of a name. She would, in time, become known as Lady Anthe, but that time is not now. She is learning, and these are earlier, more painful days.

Wraithvine took a calming breath. They

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Another rant for another time #2: Vegetarians can do just as much harm as omnivores

I do like vegans and vegetarians. They have their reasons for their diet and lifestyle [Note to the right-wingers - veganism is a lifestyle choice; homosexuality is not. Learn the difference] ranging from “my body won’t let me eat meat” to “I think it’s morally wrong to eat anything that had a face”.

That’s fine.

I understand and accept you have your reasons and I am never so crass as to enforce

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