Challenge #02765-G208: The Double-Edged Blade

Justice may be blind, but she can smell fear!

~Me -- AmberFox

Power, they often think, is wearing a crown and giving the orders. They were wrong. Power is taking responsibility and knowing that one person made the rules that encapsulated all their welfare.

Numbers beyond the safe ability to count were favourable when it was money, but not so when it was people bearing pitchforks and torches. When the people prospered, those in power prospered. Alas, when the people were oppressed, those in power prospered more. It was easy to oppress. Harder to push for the overall success of the population.

Out of such simple ingredients, the bubbling stew of revolution could easily boil over. In such conditions, the unexpected saviour could rise to power. Of such saviours, the siren song of power could cause corruption. A rightwise heir and a wizard advisor, for example, rising to reign after years of ill fate.

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