Day Two! Whoo!

Watching a little number climb has become exciting again. I'm gaining some hope at firkin last. Things might actually begin to look up.

In personal news, I actually finished a story I started. It was one of the things I've been writing for fun. Not anything I've been writing with money in goal. Meh. I'm taking any singular win I can grab, these days.

Now onto the losers:

  • Lebanon's exploded
  • Aussie reporter calls the Muppet out on his lies including data fudging to make everything look so much better than it is
  • Queensland closes the loophole that allows diplomats to skate through quarantine. Now all they have to do is close the loopholes that let filthy rotten liars with forged paperwork through
  • Panic-buying in New South Wales and Victoria skips out on 'roo
  • China and USA might go to war
  • Permits to leave the home are initiated in Melbourne
  • Famous people start calling out people to wear their firkin masks
  • New word is coined - Maskhole - a portmanteau of Mask and Asshole. Someone who refuses to wear a mask and thereby stop the plague from spreading
  • Maccas initiates home delivery service to aid in their profits helping people through the incipient lockdown

Today, I suspect that email is yet another thing my currently wheezing compy is incapable of working on. Therefore, I have my lappy by my compy so that I don't miss anything. Allegedly.

I could still have mondo head fog so let's see.