Day Zero Once More

Another case has arisen in Queensland and it's most likely to be incoming from outside of Queensland because most of us aren't selfish buttwipes.

The continuing clusterfuck caused by this plague has given rise to a new insult: "rat-licker". Meaning that the person on the receiving end is one of those people who would lick rats during the bubonic plague eras. Translated - they're acting in a manner that spreads disease rather than preventing such.

Beirut blew up because the building that exploded was one huge warehouse full of explosives and other dangerous shit they had taken off of terrorists. It caught fire, apparently, because someone was welding there.

Yeah, this is an entire cascade of bad decisions.

One hundred dead, four thousand injured, up to three hundred thousand left homeless because a bunch of people thought "she'll be right mate". Yeeks. Now they have like one month of food and no solution to this is going to be pretty.

Speaking of food, the restrictions meant to stop the Karen Squad from their right to lick plague rats has the added un-bonus of cutting off food supplies to the rest of the nation. Because of fucking course it does. Thanks a bunch Karen. Fuck off and die, Karen. If you hadn't been a total skidmark, none of us would be having this problem... KAREN.

A childcare centre in southern Sydney has been sourced as another outbreak spot, thus proving once again that kids can catch, carry, and spread the disease no matter how many talking heads are paid to say otherwise.

An actual Korey filmed his own arrest and attempted to use the law to his benefit.

...and finally, in a move that should surprise nobody at this point, the Muppet has wished child sex trafficker Gislaine Maxwell "well". He also added in his ramblings, "Let them prove somebody was guilty." Learn to shut up, dude.

When and if my Beloved cuts me the mask pieces, I am going to have to film a little tutorial and upload it to the Tubes for MeMum to watch and follow along.

So much to do. And I have to get the bins out.

Story soon.