More of the Same Again

A 3-post collection

Tuesday and still day zero

Only one new case today and no news to find about where it is. My bet is Wacol. If not Wacol, then some institution where the protocols are sacrificed for cost-cutting.

Today, I shall offer up things I've written to my Patrons, and do my Instant as usual. There's also a minimum of a hundred words in KOSBOB that I'll do during Bus O'Clock.

Good news - I've returned to making those masks.
Bad news - I burned my finger in the hot glue part because the wire in the nose piece conducts heat. Ow.

I'll be fine.

Being kind to myself seems to have worked to inspire something as I'm writing acres of Terrible Tiefling Tales. Not one of which I can pay the rent with because it's still not my normal amount of output. I have Ko-Fi for those who wish to give me a couple of bucks.

I have half an hour to spare. I'm going to faff about on the interwebs.

Day Zero Once More

Another case has arisen in Queensland and it's most likely to be incoming from outside of Queensland because most of us aren't selfish buttwipes.

The continuing clusterfuck caused by this plague has given rise to a new insult: "rat-licker". Meaning that the person on the receiving end is one of those people who would lick rats during the bubonic plague eras. Translated - they're acting in a manner that spreads disease rather than preventing such.

Beirut blew up because the building that

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Here we go again

Another week of procrastination convincing myself to do that thing that scares me. I only have one thing left, and that's continuing on with the agent hunt.

I have to work through all of them before I can demand my money back.

And I don't get there if I don't try.

I have a scratchy throat, this morning. Which means that I might just be catching a Lurgi. Fun. Not looking forward to feeling horrible and drinking my own weight in ginger

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