Challenge #02398-F208: Choose the Light

"You have a darkness in you."

"Yes, we all do, along with God's light. It's what makes us the same. What makes us different is what we choose to follow." -- Anon Guest

"What?" said the Kobold who, at this point in her journey, didn't think herself worthy of a name. She would, in time, become known as Lady Anthe, but that time is not now. She is learning, and these are earlier, more painful days.

Wraithvine took a calming breath. They did that a lot in these beginning weeks. "We each have two sides to ourselves. Call it whatever you like. Two wolves, a demon and an angel, two voices... one is hopelessness, despair, and self-hate. The other is love, joy, and promise. The one that wins is the one you nourish, or encourage. Do you understand?"

The Kobold currently known as Thief flinched inwards on herself and raised an arm against an incoming blow that would never come. She whimpered a little under the Elf Wizard's gentle touch.

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