Stupid is infectious

In sympathy with the idiots with guns protesting lockdowns, over in the US, some idiots with cardboard signs tried protesting the lockdowns in Victoria. All of those people from Victoria are enjoying a no-frills lockdown care of the nation's prisons.

Next thing you know, they'll be drinking bleach to try and cure themselves. PSA - don't drink bleach or you will die.

The Muppet's having a big concern because the plague has hit his fortress of ego former "safe space" and he's been quoted as saying the tests are BS because a person can be negative one day and positive the next. The alleged leader of the free world doesn't know how medical tests work. Shocker.

The list of things that man doesn't know how they work is getting longer and longer. I want him to play "Are you smarter than a kindergartener" just to watch him chuck a wobbler about it.

I am terrified to go anywhere since the last shopping trip. Folks think it's all over and that is definitely going to cause another wave of devastation. Even if you recover from this hellplague, you're still damaged by its passing and holy CRAP I will be a happy critter when they finally get the vaccine sorted.

Also... my coffee machine is broken and I still need to get that sorted.

The good news is: There is now a national heat map yay.

For now... I just need to concentrate on the things I do for you.