Challenge #02679-G122: Wonder No More

Have you ever walk past someone and wonder what is going on inside their head -- Anon Guest

[AN: Link to a Rickroll has been expunged. Thanks Nonny. Be proud. You got me.]

Every now and again, some species, somewhere, thinks it would be cool to be telepathic. The Melil, natural telepaths, do attempt to stop others from doing this to themselves because it really, really isn't a good idea.

Those without natural telepathy have no reason to filter their random thoughts. There's no telling, for instance, what's an intrusive thought and what is just Twosday[1] for the brain of a member of the Pax Humanis Enforcement Team. There's further complications like ear-worms and vivid imaginations and internal monologues... it's a noisy world out there for a mind-reader.

For all the imagined benefits, the detriments are uncountable. Telepaths need special training to go out into the world and maintain their sanity. Those who don't get it... suffer. Like the shambling example scrabbling through the shadows in a station that was, until recently, Deregger territory.

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