Challenge #03243-H334: Is This a Perfect Body?

A way is found that will help Human Lass survive without food, only water. They contacted B'Nar as she had, once again, collapsed. This time, she'd ended up in a coma due to nutrient deficiencies. A new body to be made, completely artificial, an android, not needing food, though she could eat and drink if she so chose, it'd do nothing for her, just be burned up as extra fuel, or she could just recharge via solar or any other method she chose. But would this help her, or would it make her a fanatic now trying to convince others from her former homeworld to ditch human bodies and all become androids, too? -- FightingFit

Lass opened their eyes, sure that they would be viewing paradise. Instead, they were viewing a laboratory. There was a sheet covering most of them and a moment of alarm in the fact that they could only see it, not feel it.

"Oh, good morrow." The speaker was a robot. A very advanced one. Hardly looked artificial at all. "We didn't think you'd be aware for this part of the process, given the condition of your poor old meat suit."

Only one peoples spoke that way about organic bodies. "You're B'Nari. Am I in B'Nar?"

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