Challenge #02363-F173: The Ego Won't Be Landing -- AmberFox

There is, in fact, a Starman waiting in the sky. He is not leaning back on his radio, as the song once said, but is seated comfortably in a red roadster, wearing a stylish spacesuit. He posed so that he could, with a glance, read the dashboard display that says, Don't Panic!

He does not say anything. He does not do anything. That's because he is, in fact, a dummy. An effigy of a human male, thrown into space to suit the ego of one man who may or may not believe that his billions of dollars can send Humanity into the stars. There are already thousands who believe the launch of the car, the dummy, and the dolls representing both, glued to the dashboard, is fake.

The fact that there are thousands who insist the world is flat in spite of generous evidence to the contrary should be warning enough that Humanity is unlikely to reach another planet within this century. Those who insist on pursuing willful ignorance to so solely for their own comfort, and in spite of the clear and present needs of the many, do so at the risk to the many. Then again, Humanity has always had a knack for moving on in its own beliefs until hit hard with the evidence of its own error and hubris.

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