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Beloved stayed home, yesterday, and helped me out with making the frame to make a junction box to finish the walkway so we can finish the cat cage.

I'm in the middle of painting it, and I still believe it would go quicker if the whole thing was suspended somehow so I can get to the most territory in the least amount of time.

It shouldn't need to go as far as me building a rig, but I do need to work out how and when I'm painting on my own.

The fun toys I'm playing with today include: staplegun, angle grinder, bolt cutters, aviary clip pliers, and the seemingly mandatory paintbrush and pot.

The PLN includes the usual write-a-little/work-a-little, and that means that the Instant this morrow may appear later in the afternoon than it usually does. There will be stuff for the Patreon, and again, it will likely happen later in the afternoon.

To that end, I should get a rattle on with the work-a-little part of my PLN instead of spacing out on Tumblr.

Story... soon enough.

Back at it...

So. I have no idea how our time got stolen this weekend, but it did. I suspect most of it was in the discovery that our Pocket Hole Joint Kit (tm) failed to contain a specific size of screws. Running around after that noise definitely crimped our style.

The one place that has them was shut, too. So that's added to my itinerary today. Brat run, money run, screws if possible.

THEN unfuckening the house, doing the Instants, writing 1K, and building

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Getting closer

We have a much smaller (hopefully cheaper) list of matts to get for some of the last stages of building the exterior walkway.

We have the long stretch of walkway made and ready to install, we have another one almost complete, save for the fact that our supplies literally fell short.

Therefore, this morning, we're going out for matts. The rest of today is going to be spent with me learning how to use dynabolts, and putting together some walkway elements. After

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It is ON

We know what we were doing wrong with the welding. We have everything we could possibly need (I hope). We have safety gear. We have matts. We have knowledge.

We have to at least finish building the metal bending brake today. Beloved insists we don't need the middle bracer, but I'm certain we do. We'll find out who's correct and who's embarrassed today.

As usual, the story will be likely happening after dark. All my energies this day will be spent in

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Mo game, mo shenanigans

Game night is tonight. Tomorrow is bullet days for welding, building the metal bending brake, and finally doing those [EXPLETIVE] walkways. Once everything is together, it should be easy to finish.

Note the qualifier.

It SHOULD be easy to finish. But as a famous pantsless Australian politician once said, "Life was never meant to be easy."

I want to be a whirlwind of activity, but rando BS keeps getting in the way. At least THIS time, we might actually have all the

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Okay. I've Got This

Today, my Beloved is having a day "off" to finish building this dang metal bending brake that has vexed us, last weekend. And since I woke at 3AM again, I'll be doing my utmost to get my content out before I have to use all the daylight I've got to build a tool to make the thing so we can finish the cat cage.

It's turning out like The House That Jack Built around here.

Fortunately, I already acquired the steel to

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I Have a PLN

Today: The instant Chaos is off to school, I paddle on out to Bunnings and get some steel for bracers for the metal bender. I know we're going to need them, but Beloved is still in denial. We shall see who is correct.

Tomorrow: Beloved is taking a day off, so don't expect much in the way of my output until either the work is done, or we run out of daylight. Be warned.

The stories and writing happen whenever I have

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Week 2

So. Making a tool to bend metal for us is harder than it looks. Big shock. I'm going to have to go out for extra matts at some point. Both Beloved and I are very, very tired of all this taking so long. The steps involved seem easy, but... they're not that easy.

A video that takes ten minutes to watch secretly hides two days of agonies. Blugh...

So Beloved is taking a day off later in the week to get these

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If firkin course it didn't work out like I had pln'd. Turns out we needed mor tools, mor mats, and mor bits [not mor dakka, but it was a close call].


We resume faffing about later on in the AM.

If I actually get to work on anything during these wee small hours, it'll likely be more of Episode Nine of Inter-Mission. soul hurts, but I still PLN on learning how to weld, and making the firkin walkways at bloody

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Today, thanks to my numerous errands and trials, we will not be wasting half of today getting matts and tools.


TODAY will be halfway wasted by making a tool out of the matts I fetched. Yay!

At least I'll be learning how to weld. Woot.

So this morning is going to be devoted to those episodes of Inter-Mission that I'm lagging on. By the way, you may have noticed that the link to my podcast has changed sites. That's because Soundcloud

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I Run Around... From Town to Town...

So. Yesterday, I had to get a whole bunch of stuff so we can bend the metal mesh and thereby make the walkways. Metal-bending tools exist but the CO$T is more than we can bear. Besides, you can make your own for like $300.

I only forgot one thing - C-clamps :P

So today:

  • Clean the house
  • Write the instant
  • Get the C-clamps
  • Also acquire cream and sour cream
  • The Brat Run

So yeah. I'm a busy li'l bumblebee today. I

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OK now what?

I did my 3K words this week, leaving me today and tomorrow to fart around with building the kitty kondo(tm).

Thing is, we need stuff to do the thing. Bending that much metal needs a metal-bending press, which needs materials to make. Unfortunately, the design is in Beloved's head. So about all I can do is gather the mats and hope the crafting doesn't take long when Beloved returns to actually make the thing.

As I understand bending tools, you need

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Another Imp's Ass

Kitty shelter skin: Complete(ish) with the caveat of needing to be tol to take care of the last of it.

Skillz for the next bit: nonexistent.

I know vaguely what we're doing next, but not how we're doing it next. I suspect that learning to weld will be on my itinerary at some point.

I want to do something to finish this project, but I either don't have the stuff or I don't have the skill. It's infuriating.

Fingers crossed that

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GDI it's cold

There's something wrong about it being the coldest days of the year after the winter equinox. I can't put my finger on it, precisely, but it strikes me as the height of illogic that all the cold happens after the shortest day of the year.

I'm still journeying out in this noise to add staples and screws to the Kitty Kondo(tm) frame. My weak noodly writer muscles weren't enough to hold the staplegun above my shoulders, so Beloved kindly stapled the

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Week 2

Four weeks to go in the agent hunt. I'm hoping for good results. If not, I have four more attempts at trawling #MSWL on Twitter to sell Adapting.

The goal this week is 12K in Kingdom of Sand: Border of Bones. I also aim to have the Kitty Kondo finished by the end of this coming weekend.

I should be using the early hours at my current disposal to record some audio for Inter-Mission, but my throat is demanding a day of

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